**This is an archived post from January 29, 2013. It was created for the incredible blog Universe Number Five.**

As a journalist, it never surprises me what I’ll receive in my inbox for review. Usually I just get promos of albums from record labels, but this week I received something a little bit more interesting. I was shocked to see an email from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell titled “New promo materials available from the NFL.” When I opened the email, it had a press release informing me that Super Bowl XLVII was actually filmed in New Orleans this weekend during the Pro Bowl, and Commissioner Goodell was asking that I watch the game and give it a review. I was incredibly excited about the opportunity, but also a bit surprised that he would send this kind of top-secret footage to a heavy metal blog to review.

At the risk of pissing off quite a few people for giving away the ending of the game, I’ve decided to review the game per Commissioner Goodell’s request, but I’m going to avoid spoilers as much as I can. However, for those of you who want to put some money down last minute, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who won ;) .

From the opening kickoff, until the last second ticked off the clock, the game was incredibly tense. It was definitely a hard fought contest, but in the end, the best defense truly stood out. The winning team also showed that, despite making a drastic change to their offense in the middle of the season, they had what it took to overcome a tough defense and hoist the Lombardi trophy.

You could credit the winning team’s victory to their underdog QB who has a cannon for an arm, or you could credit it to their star running back who didn’t let his short stature stop him from producing all year long. In my opinion, however, I think that the credit should go to their two fiery leaders, Coach Harbaugh, and Middle Linebacker number 52. When you look back on number 52′s performance, it’s clear that he’s one of the best at his position in franchise history, and you can tell he benefited greatly from his time working with Mike Singletary.

For the winning team, this sweet victory is the culmination of a brutal stretch of playoff games that included a faceoff with a former Super Bowl winning Quarterback, as well as having to overcome a huge deficit on the road to win a super close game. They also had to have the mental toughness to forget last year’s difficult three point loss in the conference championship game.

When the game was over, it was obviously quite a scene witnessing Coach Harbaugh raise the Lombardi trophy, and though it was at his brother’s expense, the smile on his face was impossible to wipe off. The emotion of the game also spilled over to the NFL Network booth, where Deion Sanders was also visibly proud of his former team for winning another Super Bowl.

So there you have it fans of the winning team, you have every right to be proud of your boys by the bay in their victory, and if one of those jerks from the next town over tries to ruin your celebration by bragging about their team’s three super bowl wins, remind them that they haven’t won one in over twenty years.
If you’re reading this as a fan of the losing team, however, this loss may be hard to swallow, but you can always put on your orange and black baseball cap and reminisce about your MLB team’s stunning run to the post-season last year, and prepare for Opening Day which starts in less than two months.

-Johnny Ringo


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