**This review is from Jethro Skull’s first show. They are easily one of my new favorite local bands and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more about them on here**

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to any local shows it seems. Partly due to a lack of good shows in town, partly due to me being incredibly busy. This past Saturday, however, I forced myself to head up to Tsunami and check out a few out of town bands and a new local favorite level the place.

The first band to play was Supercrush, a punk band from Jackson, Ms. They are a fairly new band, but they certainly had an old school sound. I’m not the biggest connoisseur of punk, but to my ears, they sounded like a mix of Bad Religion and U.S. Bombs. Though this was their first time in Monroe, they had a pretty good crowd reaction and were interesting enough to keep people inside. Once Supercrush was finished, it was time for my most anticipated band of the evening, Jethro Skull.

Jethro Skull is a local band featuring members of bands like Repeat Offenders and Black Market Ministry and this was their first show. Coming into the show, I kind of knew what to expect, that is, a furious punk rock assault. What I didn’t expect was just how heavy it would be. The first thing noticeable about Jethro Skull is their intimidating vocalist Scott Lenard, and his huge red beard; however, after the first few notes from guitarist Chris Robinson and bassist Craig Just, he began prowling like an animal and all hell broke loose. Musically, they play a unique brand of punk, littered with an ominous, heavy bass tone, and guitar riffs weighed down by 1000 lbs of sludge. They were fast, angry, hateful, and the perfect soundtrack to a bar fight between the Hell’s Angels and Los Zetas. Though this was their first show, I feel like they will definitely become a band to look out for in the Monroe music scene. Plus, any time good bands in the punk/metal genres emerge in this scene, tons of great shows tend to happen as well, which is a huge positive for a fledgling scene.

The final band of the evening was The Stovebolts. They are from Hattiesburg, Ms and they are also a punk band, albeit a very unique one. The Stovebolts’ music can be described as a southern-fried, country influenced type of punk rock. Their vocalist had a very unique voice, partially because of his Shur 55sh microphone. I didn’t get a chance to check out their entire set, but what I did see was very impressive.

Overall, considering the fact that rumors were rampant that Tsunami closed just a few days prior, the crowd for this show was pretty good, which was great for the two Mississippi bands. But more importantly to me, I was glad to see Jethro Skull emerge and play their first show to a good crowd, one that they absolutely murdered.


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