Thanks to venues in town like Live Oaks Bar & Ballrom and the newly-opened Trial Bar, the music scene in Monroe, La is hopping once again. There are going to be a lot of touring bands coming to town over the next few weeks and the first of these shows is Adema. Opening the show will be The Flying Humanoids. I had a brief chat with the Humanoids’ guitarist Kyle Snellenberger to find out more about what they’ve been up to lately.



You guys are currently working on a new record, right?

Yea we’re working on recording our, currently unnamed, follow up to Arrival. This time around we’re going full DIY, even more so than Arrival. No studio, all done out of rooms that we’re finding suitable for certain sounds. As of now we have the drum tracks to 6 songs done and Chris has his guitar parts done on 4 of them. We’re not set on a total track number for it, but we’ve been approaching it more as an EP than a full length and I’ll touch more on that later. We’ve been playing some of the songs live almost since we officially released Arrival so we’re very excited to finally be able to get them recorded.

Who is the producer and where is it being recorded at?

We’re approaching this the exact same way we did with Arrival. Aside from John Michael at Airsick Sounds being our “Engineer”, it’s just us 4 doing all of the producing. We can not speak highly enough of that dude. He is an absolute beast behind a mixing board and we definitely wouldn’t be able to do any of this without him. Thankfully, he puts up with us and gives us all the time in the world to do whatever we want with our songs. We’re sort of hopping around as far as “where” goes. Drums in a wood floored room at John Reed’s apartment and some guitar in a room at John Michael’s. We haven’t gotten to bass or vocals yet so we have yet to decide where those sounds will come from.

Has the writing process differed much from Arrival?

Actually one of the songs that will be on the new album was hatched during the recording of Arrival. While going back and forth tweaking some knobs to get my tone dialed in I ended up coming up with a riff we turned into a song called Merkin. So that one has been waiting quite awhile to find it’s home on some tape! The writing process hasn’t changed a great deal. It’s still mostly either me or Chris bringing a collection of riffs to practice and molding them into songs. But we do have a new addition to the band on bass, Jeff, and one of the songs on the new album started as a bass line he brought to practice, so that’s new for us.

How has it been working with your new bassist Jeff on the new songs?

Jeff has been tearing ass man! He’s got a unique playing style that has really complimented our sound in a very good way. The, currently unnamed, song that came from a riff of his at practice just might end up being the single on the upcoming album.

Now that you’ve got a full length album under your belt, did you hear anything from that album that you are trying to improve upon while recording the new album?

Honestly, I can’t listen to that album and wish we’d done anything different. I think we are collectively happy with the sound of it. We put in a lot of thought with the direction we wanted to steer the new songs and really went back and forth a bit. Quite a few of the bands in our genre seem to be going lighter and lighter with each release, so we thought why not do the opposite and we really entertained the idea of doing a short EP of exceptionally heavy songs for us. Just to let that headbanging side in all of us out of it’s cage. So we have 2-3 songs that are much heavier than anything on Arrival. And then we have this handful of other songs that are catchy with a nice solid rock vibe so we’re still kind of in that in between stage, hence the idea of this release being an EP instead of a full length seeing as how it might be all over the place.

What are some goals that you guys are hoping to achieve over the next year or so?

We actually have a lot of booking in the works right now for the summer. Touring has never really been a page that the Humanoids have gotten to turn and we plan to change that this year. No talks of month long outings or anything, but we plan to make a quick run up the East Coast and as always head down to NOLA and some possible frequent visits to Austin. We definitely need to get out of Louisiana more, I get mad that we don’t every time we talk about it.

In addition to the Humanoids, you and Johnreed are in a band called Everyone’s Ex. Tell me a little about how things are going with that project?

We actually have a lot of fun playing in that band and as sad as it is for me to admit this, we’re on the road with them far more than the Humanoids. We usually play 2 -3 weekends a month. We’ve been tossing around countless little jams at practice and finally have it narrowed down to a select few that we’ve just started recording with the only dude fit for the job, John Michael. We had the idea that with how accessible music is today that we should just go ahead and record a single and get it in rotation anywhere we can and then worry about finishing up the rest of the record while we’ve got that single circulating. And I have to say the song we chose for a single has definitely surprised me. I’m very anxious to hear what people will have to say about it.



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