This coming Friday, at The Trial Bar in Monroe, local stoner metal heroes Boudain will be having the official release show of their debut EP. Also playing are The Flying Humanoids, another of the heaviest bands in town. I recently caught up with Stephen Jester, drummer of Boudain to discuss both the band’s history, as well as their future. You can find out more about Boudain on Facebook and buy their new EP on Bandcamp. You can also check out The Flying Humanoids on Facebook.


How long has Boudain been around and who is in the current incarnation of the band?

Boudain has been around since 2006 and it started as a side project from all of the other bands we were in at the time.  Everyone used to jam in the same building, so we tended to have that flexibility, as far as “musical inbreeding” goes.  There’s this big warehouse in downtown Monroe that served as a practice space for a lot of bands and still does, actually.  Chris was playing bass in Quarter Ton Cloud, I was playing drums for Black Market Ministry, and me and Brian were doing Stricken Zero.  Dylan was singing and playing guitar for Boudain originally but isn’t in the current lineup.

Boudain as it stands today is Chris on bass and vocals, Brian on guitar and vocals, Gunta on guitar, and me on drums.

Until last December, Boudain hadn’t played a show in 4 years. What led to the band finally coming together again and working on a new album?

I started going over to Chris’ house to jam with him, Brian, and Gunta on the weekends.  Before I began showing up, they were actually writing a bunch of stuff for another project that sort of morphed into the new Boudain material.  Chris had a Fostex multitrack recorder set up in his living room and recorded riff ideas with Gunta on drums (Gunta is a really good drummer and was filling in for the local band 60 Cycle at the time).  I brought over my equipment and we just started jamming the new and older stuff.

Personally, I didn’t want our old material that we’ve written over the years to go undocumented.  At the very least, I wanted to record it on Chris’ Fostex just to have some type of record that I could listen to later on.  We began to get these tunes pretty tight when we started recording.  Then we decided to go full force.  We called on our good buddy Kenneth Sanders at SpaceLab 420 to professionally record the EP and it turned out really good.

After all these years, how does it feel to finally have an official Boudain release to get out to fans and media?

Dude, it feels great when you do any kind of work and have something to show for it.  Not just music.  Anything.

I’m really pumped about our material being out there.  The other day I shipped the EP to Finland and that’s crazy to me. Not only are people in other countries digging our stuff online, they’re buying it.  They could easily just stream it, but it feels good that they like it enough to buy it. And it doesn’t seem to be like a one off type of thing.  I’ve shipped it to places in the UK, Germany, and France so far, too.  We’re pretty pumped that Boudain is getting some attention, however small it may be.

As far as the media goes, you guys have been getting quite a few positive reviews on the EP from various blogs. Do you feel that the momentum from those reviews has helped motivate you guys even more when writing new songs and playing shows?

Totally.  The positive feedback that we’ve been getting has definitely jolted us in the right direction from the point of view of song writing.  We’ve got a lot of new material that we’ve been developing and we’re writing more every week.

Where do you see Boudain going from here, now that you have an album out and are playing shows again?

I want to push this thing beyond the limits of what we’re doing now.  None of us have ever toured before and we’re pretty much all game for that.  We’d like to eventually do festivals and extended tours but little steps, baby!  Realistically, we’ll probably play a few of weekend runs and save up our money for some sort of van or trailer.  Then, record another EP or full length later this year and after that, it’s anyone’s guess.  Whatever happens in the future, we will continue to enjoy this shit and create the music we love and go where we’re wanted.


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