I used to run a blog called Johnny Ringo Reviews where I did interviews and music reviews and a lot of other stuff. I started that page because I wanted to write about records I recently bought, albums I really like and a ton of other stuff. It started out as a fun thing and blossomed into something incredibly cool. Through that site I learned how to interview bands, come up with creative lists and create music reviews short enough for anyone to appreciate. The thing is, I hated that name because it created a pigeon hole for me mentally, one that prevented me from doing quite a few things I had been wanting to do.

I now write for a magazine called New Noise Magazine which takes up quite a bit of my time and it has provided me some incredible opportunities. Unfortunately, the posts on this site will be random and sporadic, but thanks to the name Warrmageddon Inc, the door to possibilities has slammed open and I feel much more comfortable posting the content I really want to post and not just what I think I should post.

If you’d like to contact me, please message me on Facebook at Warrmageddon Inc.


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